Monday, October 11, 2010

Such a good man.

In our family, I probably get more attention for being a "good" person--not because I am but because I'm more out there. I blog. I have a feel good job. I get credit for being the mommy. I get credit for being the wife of a hubby with special needs. Yadda yadda yadda.

The simple fact of the matter is that my husband is a better person than I am. There are LOTS of reasons that is true, but here's just one.

We owe a debt. We owe a monetary debt to a family member. This family member loaned us a large amount of money to adopt our first two kiddos (and I think some for Bright too). He charges interest. We've paid and paid and paid, ever month for 10 years. In March, we will have paid of this debt--finally!!!

The person we owe this money to is getting really old and snarky. Lots of other people that owe him money never paid him back, or have stopped at this point. Yesterday we made another payment. Eric's dad is delivering the payment, but let him know that he really thinks we've paid back enough. We've MORE than paid back what was loaned to us. We're paying interest now. And there's only 5 more months. It's good enough.

When Eric told me his dad (who is a super great man of God) felt this way, I was more than ready to say, "I'm with your dad! Let's be done with this!" But nope. Not my man. My man wants to pay of the debt--the entire debt including interest. It's not because he cares what his debtor thinks. It's not because he's afraid anything bad will happen if we stop. It's because he wants to know in his heart that we accomplished the payment of this debt fully. He doesn't want there to be a single blemish in his heart--ever--that he didn't do what was absolutely right. What would Jesus do? Jesus would pay off His entire debt.

My husband is a better person than I am. So, we keep paying. Just five more months!


Robin Dodd Photography 11:38 PM  

I just want to give a personal shout out to Eric in that I've only met him once and my impression of him, was probably some of the best energy I've ever felt from meeting a person. Now he might not have felt the same about me, as I can take over a room (who me? LOL) but I said to myself. "Great energy, great person."

Mama D.'s Dozen 12:16 PM  

I never doubted that Eric was a good man ... but this does confirm it.

Yes ... you have a very good man leading your household.

Praising Jesus with you, for the good men of God that the Lord allowed us to marry.

Laurel :)