Sunday, October 03, 2010

Bright-O Turns 5!!!

Tomorrow is Bright's 5th birthday!!! [We celebrated this weekend.] I don't know how my baby boy got so big so fast! Seems like just yesterday he was a one year old in Ghana. We started off the day with a breakfast of pancakes and turkey bacon. Yum! I surprised Bright with a "Birthday Boy" ribbon that he wore all day, proudly.
Saturday was also the OU-Texas game, so before the birthday celebration we had to watch OU kick Texas behind! ;-) Then it was off to Cracker Barrel where we all ate way too much! Instead of cake and ice cream we did desert at Cracker Barrel. Bright looked forward to Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake and Ice Cream all week long.

After dinner Bright got to open his presents. He LOVES these rain boots his grandparents got him! They are too big right now but he clomps around in them constantly anyway.
This was the other hit gift. Counting Cookies game. It's basically just a cookie jar with chip cookies inside. On one side of the cookie a number is printed and on the other side there are the same number of chips to count. Seems a little young, I know, but he loves this! And it works out perfectly. Bright can identify all of his numbers, but doesn't quite have one-to-one correspondence down. Kendi has one-to-one correspondence but can't identify numbers. They have been playing with this game all day.

It was a laid back celebration, but Bright is our shy guy and is just fine keeping things small. We'll celebrate with Eric's side of the family this upcoming weekend.
Bright has had a lot of challenges in his life. He is a fighter, no doubt! I have confidence that he will continue to fight through any struggles that come his way. I can see his smiling eyes 20 years from now, still over-coming and making us proud!
P.S. Excuse the ashy legs! LOL!


Heather A. 9:47 PM  

Oh man. It DOES NOT seem possible that Bright is already 5yo!!! It seems like just yesterday that I was following your blog when you were trying to bring him home! I really want a slow motion button for life.

He's growing into such a handsome little man.

Cindy 11:57 PM  

Happy Birthday Bright!