Sunday, October 03, 2010


[This is just one of those posts I do for my own memory.]
This weekend we were hanging out with my parents and Bright asked if he could wear a "maker." What? What is a "maker?!" After going back and forth we finally figured out he was asking if he could wear an APRON. I thought he just had the word mixed up, but nope. He will not call it an apron. It is a MAKER. You know, because you MAKE stuff while you are wearing it! Now both Kendi and Bright are calling aprons "makers." They wore some of my "makers" for a while this weekend.
The girls went to Hobby Lobby this weekend and my mom bought stuff to make personalized aprons for Kendi and Bright for Christmas, complete with their initials. They are going to be a HUGE hit!


kenziekylanmom 12:37 PM  

I think that's so sweet, and they look so cute!

waitingarms 1:32 AM  

Is it just me or is Kendi's hair experiencing a growth spurt? It looks much fuller and longer in this picture! And I like Bright's and Kendi's "makers"!

A. Gillispie 11:14 AM  

I don't think it is growing faster than normal, but it seems like it might be getting thicker. Yea! I've actually done very little with it in the past several weeks--feeling like a bad mommy on that end!

whenpigsfly 2:21 PM  

Oh COURSE it is a MAKER!!! Cut to the chase. What the dickens does "apron" mean anyhow??