Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Carve the Pumpkin

Today was pumpkin carving day! We usually carve closer to the 31st, but since we'll be gone from 29th to the 1st, today was the day. Here is Eric showing off the big family pumpkin.Taevy and Samren gutted the big one while the little kids took their naps. Taevy *LOVES* the way pumpkin guts feel. She's the sensory seeker. Samren cannot stand the way pumpkin guts feel. He's the sensory-avoider. He actually gagged before I took the pic and video. LOL! He did humor me by taking a few handfuls out.

Bright helped to gut a smaller pumpkin. He's a fan.
I didn't get a pic of Kendi, but I did get a small video. She liked it, but was most excited about getting to wash her hands for a long time with soap (as if it's some luxury)!

We usually do alternative designs. This year was the first year we used a template. It was easier than I thought! Oh--except the whole deal where I carved the pumpkin upside down! ACK!

I was elbow deep in pumpkin guts today when an AAI family called. I thought to myself how blessed I am to have a job where I can "work" while I play!


In His Dust 9:40 PM  

hey! We carved the same thing on our pumpkin last year! Awesome choice!!;)

Mama D.'s Dozen 12:54 AM  

Cool design! Wow!