Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Convictions

I've written about my own back and forth relationship with Halloween HERE. Basically, we didn't "do" Halloween at all....then we went to a church thing...then we went trick-or-treating once...and the last few years we've "done" Halloween. We don't do scary though.

This year Halloween falls on a Sunday. There has been all sorts of discussion about when to celebrate the day. Saturday or Sunday? Maybe this isn't an issue in most parts of the country? Here in the buckle of the Bible belt it's topic for conversation. Thankfully, this year we will be off having a fun weekend with Eric's parents in Branson. We won't be here either day would be trick-or-treaters knock on our door! Ha!

Tonight Taevy came down and asked if she could talk, after all the other kids went to bed. She told me that she really didn't want to dress up this year. I could tell that she wasn't as in to it as she has been in the past, but figured it was just a growing up thing. [And that may very well be part of it.] Turns out, Taevy feels really convicted that "it's wrong" to have Halloween on a Sunday. She just can't make peace with it in her heart.

*I* didn't put any of this into Taevy's head. I haven't discussed with her what lots of grown ups have been talking about. She just felt convicted all on her own (or at the nudging of the Holy Spirit). I love that she is listening to her heart, and started to really think about what SHE believes.

So as of right now Taevy does not plan to dress up for Halloween, nor take part in trick-or-treating. As it happens we plan to go to a rec center event in Branson that evening (so she'll still be doing harvest "stuff"), but Taevy isn't going to dress up. Now, she IS taking her costume "just in case" so we'll see how she feels the day of.

Taevy DOES love to dress up! The child changes clothes any chance she can get! So...she decided it wouldn't be SO bad to dress up for the church harvest festival tomorrow night--since there won't be any scary stuff there and it's not on a Sunday! ;-)

Love my girl.


Mama D.'s Dozen 12:56 AM  

Wow! That's great!

Awesome Mama, for really listening to your daughter, and understanding when she is feeling her own conviction from the Holy Spirit. Some parents would just tell their kids, "It's no big deal."

I LOVE it when kids (especially so young) are able to verbalize their own convictions.

:) :) :)

mommajeane 8:43 PM  

I love your daughter's conviction too.What a precious heart she has. We don't celebrate Halloween but do have fun doing "Fall" activities and making crafts. We also do a candy treasure hunt... sometimes we square dance too...Our kids have done skits where they could dress up because sometimes it is just plain fun to dress up.