Sunday, October 17, 2010

Taevy the crochet artist!

Look what Taevy can do! YEA TAEVY BABY!!!!!
This represents such a VICTORY for my sweet daughter! For so many reasons it's huge that she can now crochet. Here are a few...
  • She's right-handed and her mom is left-handed.
  • She's a perfectionist and usually gives up rather than try and trying again!
  • That annoying ADHD thing really makes it hard to organize your thoughts and remember the steps involved in crochet.

She worked on it all weekend. She didn't give up. And finally tonight it all clicked! I think we shall have to keep this little "saltine" granny square in her memory box. =-)


Mary Ellyn 4:37 PM  

Good job Taevy! I've tried to teach my right handed nieces how to crochet -- I'm left handed too. They weren't as successful as Taevy! I'll be watching for first shawl or afghan.