Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear HIV,

(Reposted with permission from GIVEN MUCH MOM. Love this!)Dear HIV,

You poor, pitiful little virus.

Once upon a time you were so big and important and scary.

People used to shutter in fear at the mere mention of your name.

But now they laugh in your face.

That must be hard to take.

I’ll give you credit though. You did succeed for awhile. And yes, you’ve still got your fear filled fingers wrapped around a few worried hearts here and there…

but though you won the battle,

statistics show that you’ve




Every year more and more families are adopting HIV+ children

and no one with access to proper medication is



Take heart, a few still fear you,

but the VAST MAJORITY embrace THE TRUTH and KNOW what a wimp you are.

Over a million Americans have HIV and each and every one them can live FULL NORMAL LIVES

thanks to a few pills a day.

Oh, HIV…

You’re nothing but a pathetic loser.

A poser.

A has been.

… It sucks to be you, huh.



Stephanie 2:13 PM  

Love this, thanks for posting. My uncle died of AIDS when I was 9. I so wish they had the means to save his life then like they do now.

the H family 2:51 PM  

I really loved this post! I lost a friend in high school to AIDS, back in the days when it was still very scary and very fatal. Thank the Lord we have lived to see the day when, like you said, HIV is a has-been!

Now, to spread the truth so that group who fears gets smaller and smaller, until IT is a has-been too.

Chantelle 5:37 PM  

Thanks so much for sharing this! It does my heart good to see so much TRUTH flyin' around out there! :)

Shay 8:05 PM  

I really love this! I have been reading my brains out about HIV and I have been BLOWN AWAY and what GREAT things I have learned!!!!! HIV use to be a death sentence, and now it's more manageable than diabetes...praise God! I may even re post this on my blog :)

whenpigsfly 1:41 PM  

LOVE THIS Anita~!! Will still always "wonder" why God didn't bless us with an HIV + adoption when we were SO open to it, but I sure do advocate!!!