Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Obruni Koko

When I am in Ghana I don't only get "Obruni" (white person/white foreigner). Often times Ghanaian people call me "Obrunki Koko." I have asked a few people what the "koko" means at the end and nobody really seems to be able to put it in English for me. At first I was told something like, "White person whose skin turns red." Then it was "a VERY white person."

You can imagine my surprise then today when I saw this video about Albino people in Ghana, guessed it..."Obruni Koko!" Okay, so I'm so white that I appear to be albino. Dually noted my Ghanaian friends.

[Please note, so *NOT* making light of Albino people. It was just interesting to me.]


Shay 1:49 PM  

LOL, the video is sad, but you being so pale they think your albino is funmy! :)

FullPlateMom 2:36 PM  

I think any kind of physical difference in Ghana is hard to overcome. It is here in the U.S. too, but at least it's illegal for it to affect your ability to get an education or be employed. Sad that it's not that way everywhere.

Don't feel bad about your extremely white skin Anita. I spray tan myself into oblivion before going to Ghana. It's a wonder I still haven't gotten this comment.


Mama D.'s Dozen 5:17 PM  

That's FUNNY! I never heard that phrase when I have been there. Guess I'm not quite as white as you.

:) :) :)

the H family 8:24 PM  

I was already laughing just seeing your post title! I was an Obruni Koko in Ghana too, in fact I still am. I just asked Efia what it means and she told me "Like you, Mom who does not turn brown in the sun." Sadly, she is right.

Claire 6:22 AM  

LOL....that is great! I am sure that is what they would call me as well.

Donna 11:32 AM  

Interesting to find out what the comment means.

Just thought you might like to know a bit of politically correct information.

I have a friend whose daughter from China has albinism and she is quick to point out that the term 'albino' is not OK.

You want to say, 'a person with albinism'.

It is not a definition of who they are, as much as a discription of something they have.

Just thought you might like to know:)

Delighting in Him

Heather A. 8:43 PM  

Didn't watch the video cause I can't do sad today, but oh my, the fact that you're called an albino in Ghana made me LOL. And I needed that. Thanks.

A. Gillispie 10:07 PM  

Heather A--the video isn't sad. I think it's more like a public service video--meant to bring awareness to Ghanaians that albino people are people too. ;-)