Thursday, October 21, 2010

Taking a moment...

I'm taking a moment...just a GRIPE!

1. Today I got this great coupon from The Children's Place. The coupon reminded me that I needed to start looking for the kids' Christmas outfits. It's one of two times a year I splurge on brand new name brand matching cheesy outfits for my kids. So I went to TCP only to find that I didn't love anything. I noticed they were already low on stock on some items. Yikes! So this started a whole shopping (online) frenzy for my kids' Cmas clothes. I find what I want for my girls, at Crazy8. Then I search for 20 minutes hoping to find a coupon code I can use. NO COUPON! So I spent $15 and $20 for the girls' skirt/dress because one of the sizes I could use for Kendi were already out. I had to buy today or I might not get the matching outfits I wanted. [Yes, I realize I am sounding like a very spoiled American here. I am a very spoiled America.] What is in the mail when I check it (after I ordered)? A COUPON FOR 20% OFF AT CRAZY8!!!! URGH!!!!!!

2. Eric's cold from 10 days ago has gone through the whole house. I didn't get it. Or, er, yes I did. Now I have the darn thing, after everybody else is all perky and non-snotty again, and nobody wants to feel sorry for the mommy!

3. Two afghans. The first afghan I ever pieced together (for Kendi, in 2006) and the afghan I just made for Taevy in September. Both afghans, ruined by a preschooler with a hunger for destruction. He stole scissors from downstairs, hid them away upstairs waiting for his moment, then cut gaping holes in both afghans. I'm trying to remember it's just STUFF but when it's sentimental stuff it's more difficult. And I hate that Taevy feels like nothing of hers is safe because of the preschooler that hungers for destruction. =-(

Okay, my moment is over. I'm done griping now! Now I will remind myself that....

1. I am completely silly for caring that my kids wear matching Christmas outfits in the first place. Nobody else cares. Other people show up in their jammies. My kids don't even care. AND...I stull have to buy the boys' stuff so the 20% off coupon shall not be wasted!

2. I am glad that the cold hit this week instead of next, when we will be heading out for a 3 day fun weekend in Branson! Thank you Lord for giving it to me now rather than later!

3. The preschooler who craves destruction is doing SO MUCH BETTER than he was 4 months ago. And he did do us a favor and show us his stash of scissors!


Mama D.'s Dozen 11:43 PM  

I had to laugh at the coupon AFTER the order. That would totally happen to me.

You got my total sympathies on the cold ... today is my first day out of bed in 6 days ... with the worst head cold I have ever had. 6 days in bed for a cold???

But ... the afghans broke my heart. Oh. So. Sorry. My heart seriously ached for you. I don't do afghans, but I absolutely know how devastated I would be if a little preschooler ruined any of my scrapbooks. The time. The effort. The memories. So Sorry!


Cindy 12:20 AM  

Oh the afghans...heart breaker. I guess knowing about the scissor stash is one positive thing : )

Kait 7:07 AM  

Doesn't Crazy8 have a customer service number? Call them, let them know the situation, and they should let you use the coupon. And if the order hasn't shipped yet they'll probably even let you add the boys stuff if you have item numbers.

The afghan broke my heart for Taevy. Poor girl.

Claire 12:03 PM  

I hear you on the Christmas outfit issue - I am the same way! I am not loving anything at The Children's Place this year either. I've always liked them because I can get matching things in all four sizes for my kids, but their selection this year just isn't so great.

Sorry about the afghans. :(

whenpigsfly 1:14 PM  

I MISS the cheesy Christmas outfit days. My kiddos are claiming they are TOO OLD for such nonsense. BOO HISS!! I love lookalikes for holidays and special occasions. I am SO SO Sorry about he afghans Anita!! IS there any way you could creatively re-crochet some of the cut places together ? I had to do that with an afghan I'd made when toes went through lacey spots and made huge holes (GROWL!!!!!!!) a series of chains and slip stitches single crochets and more chains pretty much "put Humpty back to gether again" I was just not about to admit defeat and THROW MY WORK AWAY. I couldn't do it. SO glad "Mr. Scissorhands" is doing so much better!

A. Gillispie 10:15 PM  

Thanks friends. My MIL is a super crochet artist. I'm going to see if she can help repair the cut afghans so at least they won't continue to rip out.

I called Crazy8 customer service the next day and they said they WOULD honor the coupon (points for them). However, I needed to mail it in. Since I have more to buy there for the rest of the Cmas stuff I decided I'll just wait and use it for the next order. Otherwise, I'd lose almost half a dollar just for the cost of a stamp to mail it!

Another pair of scissors have gone missing and he won't tell us where he's hiding them. Ugh. I feel like I am laying in wait for the next thing.