Saturday, October 09, 2010

What my neighbors must think...

My friend K posted on her blog about what her neighbors must think about her. It was a writing prompt she found. Fun! I'm joining in...

So, there are 2 options here. What do my neighbors really thing of us or what *I* would be thinking about our family if I were them (because I'm not as nice as they are)!

If *I* were a neighbor to a family just like ours I'd be thinking....

"Good grief! How many kids and dogs can they fit in that car?"

"Those parents are letting that little girl tow TWO kids on her bike?! That little one can't be over 2 years. Shame!"

"That house used to have the most lovely garden in the back. The other day I heard the kids talking about 'the dead side' and dust clouds were blowing out of the back yard."

"Can they PUT another brick against the fence to keep their dogs in? Good grief!"

" I do not understand why that Siamese cat doesn't leave them. They forget to feed him and hardly ever pet him, but that thing comes running like a dog when they call his name!" [Our cat Simeon snubs food for his own hunting, and follows us around the block like a dog when we go walking.]

"WHAT are those kids wearing today?!"
"That little girl just gave me a dirty look after I picked up a few pecans off their yard." [Little do they know we shell our pecans and use them all winter, and that little girl does not like people stealing "her" pecans!]

"What is that mom's problem? They don't go anywhere unless they are ALL in the car together. Can't she go grocery shopping by herself?!"

"Uh-oh. The dad is mowing again. Let's see how much grass he misses this time." {Ya know, because the blind man is mowing.}

Now, we are actually blessed with neighbors that seem to find some good in us---see us for more than we really are! So these are the real comments we get:

"I just love your kids. They are so well-behaved!" (That, right after I think that the neighbors must be ready to call the cops because the kids are screaming bloody murder in the front yard!)

"Taevy is the best big sister ever." Very true.

"Your family is such a blessing to the neighborhood. We're so glad you're here."

"Can the kids come over and play?" (From our grown up neighbors.)
"That was the first Christmas card I've received in years. I just love your kids."

"Can we mow your lawn for you?"

"Here. I baked this coffee cake for you. Merry Christmas!"

"When you get a chance, send the kids over. I've got their Christmas/b-day/Halloween/Easter gifts ready for them."

And my favorite...

I say, "If the previous owners could see their backyard they would just die." My neighbor says, "Yeah, probably so." LOL! [Our backyard was like a show garden when we bought the house. Now it's more like a land mine field (holes, poop, dust, weeds).


Mama D.'s Dozen 5:49 PM  

Love it! I think I'll have to write a post like this.

:) :) :)

Heather A. 3:51 PM  


And speaking as a gardner that's put time and $$ into her yard, YES the previous owner would die (or want to kill you!) Even now I think about my inability to sell our house because I can't leave my garden without a gardner!