Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Extra Income?

If you have any thoughts about how our family might be able to add about $1000 a month to our income while I continue to home educate our clan, can you leave me a comment or email me privately (



excitedtobeafamily 9:06 PM  

For a couple years I delivered the newspaper and made $560 a month for one half day of work a week. It was a once a week paper. I know you can make a lot more doing the daily paper. The kids helped me fold and I did it at home and then they rode in the car while I threw papers. It worked out well! It is a bit physical but nothing too bad. We also live in Arizona so no snow to deal with.

Andy and Jennifer 8:52 AM  

Anita - My husband delivered the daily newspaper for a number of years when we were financing the kids' adoptions. He made between 1200-1500 per month with 180ish customers. He would bring home Christmas tips of about $2K. I did put a lot of wear and tear on our vehicle, and it's no fun doing it day in and day out at an ungodly hour and in the elements - BUT its great pay for few hours of work (only took him 1-1.5hrs per day, and a good 4 hours on Sunday)