Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yarn Braids/Genie Locs Day 2

I worked on Kendi's yarn braids again this evening, after taking a full day off (poor child). They went pretty fast. It's a lot easier the second time around. Her hair is a BIT (just a bit) thicker than it was in June and I have more length to work with. I'm sectioning in bigger chunks this time because I really don't need another 15 hour ordeal only to have them falling or ripped out two days later.
About half way through tonight's work I realized I'm being very "organized" with the braids this time. I rather prefer the random way I worked last time as it looked like more natural "locs" to me. But--I'm not redoing them so this time we shall have rows!
I haven't finished off any of the braids because I haven't decided on length. Any thoughts? Last time I layered the braids to look more "natural" rather than having them all end at the same length. Not sure if it will have the same result this time.
Using the same "Black Fiesta" yarn as last time. Honestly, with a 3 year old, I figure the braids are going to be filled with fuzz within a few days, so I might as well start out with colorful specks in the braids!

P.S. Did I say "last time" enough in this post? Good grief!


Cindy 12:31 AM  

I have never tried layering the braids. Good idea. I have always one them the same length which is usually right below her shoulders.

Chantelle 8:51 AM  

WOW! Adorable! ... but then again, with her BEAUTIFUL little face, you could shave her head and she'd be cute as a button. :)