Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gillispie Kids are Thankful For...

Taevy is thankful for the world.
Samren is thankful for his family.

Bright is thankful for people. [I just love those cute little people!]
Kendi is thankful for her medicine and her bed.

The big kids did a "I'm Thankful for" acrostic thing (where you write "THANKSGIVING" and then something that starts with each letter that you're thankful for). Here's Taevy's:
T--Taking me to a better place.
H--Having brothers and sisters.
A--Autumn, so that we can have Thanksgiving.
N--Nature, so we can butcher things and eat them!
K--Kendi, bringing her into our family.
S--Samren, to be my first brother.
G--Grandmas and Grandpas, always there for us.
I--International Adoption, to bring us to America.
V--Veterinarians, to take care of dogs.
I--Internet, so we can search things.
N--Naomi, my best friend!
G--Gillispie Family. I'm thankful to be in this family.

Always interesting to see what is floating around these little heads. We'll need to have a talk about calling America a "better" place. At her age right now, I think she is just focusing on the hard stuff about Cambodia over the beautiful stuff.
I, am thankful for my children.