Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Piggy-Tail Princess

I love the way pigtails look on little girls. It's so cool to be able to do them in Kendi's "hair" for a change! This time 'round with yarn braids is going SO MUCH BETTER. No braids have fallen out except at the bottom of the back, where I've decided to leave them out because she just doesn't have enough hair to keep them in back there. Someone asked how long these will stay in. My goal is to keep them in until the new year. Some people keep them in for months and months. I imagine that we will have some fall out or need to be redone. I'll just manage as that happens. So far, so good!


Andrea 1:21 PM  

LOVE this!! She's so so cute!!!

Stephanie 1:29 PM  

She looks beautiful! I love pigtails :)