Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MamaEnat Blankets!!!

A while back Jamey contacted me about the awesome flag blankets she is making for adoptive families--in just about any country you need! Jamey was so kind that she gifted our family with a Ghana blanket. It arrived last week, beautifully packaged.When Taevy and Samren were little there was a woman making flag blankets, so they both have one. Bright has often asked why he doesn't have a Ghana blanket. He was so excited when this arrived in the mail!

Needless to say, the Ghanaians in the house are all about this blanket now! It's not too huge, so they can drag it around with no problem. They love to use it at nap time, but also like to play dress up with it. "Mommy, look! I'm Ghana!" ;-)
Can you think of a more special and long-lasting gift for your little one? Even though my big kids' legs have long outgrown their little flag blankets, they are still treasured in this house 8 years after we originally purchased them. I have a feeling the Ghana blanket will be as well! And a plus is, I think the Ghana blanket will weather even better than my big kids' blankets. The back of the MamaEnat blanket is SUPER soft and cozy minkey fabric!
The price is....well...it's "precious." But when you consider how many years this blanket will be cherished, it's worth the cost. Head on over to MamaEnats Blankets to learn more!


Stephanie 3:22 PM  

What an amazing gift! It will be treasured for years to come, I'm sure.


Kristin 4:00 PM  

Wow! Love it.