Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Satin Pillowcases to protect your African daughter's hair!

The other day I came across a listing for a monogrammed satin pillowcase on ETSY.com. Only $4 (plus $2 shipping)! I just think that's such a good price. Not only does the satin pillowcase protect Lil' Bit's hair, but she will also LOVE that her "K for Kendi" is right there on the case! The seller has been super responsive.

What a great and inexpensive Christmas gift for your princess!

[No, not getting anything out of this. Just excited about the find!]


whenpigsfly 1:58 AM  

After meeting some adoptive families who had NO idea what to do with their African daughters' hair , I was telling them about satin pillow slips. SO much easier than wraps and all , esp. for little girls. Monogramed too??? AWESOME!!!!

Kristin 4:02 PM  

Okay...super cool, lots of great ideas on your blog today...I really have to get on the blogs more than I have lately! :) Headed over to order a couple pillowcases now!