Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cool New Learning Resource

The other day I got something in my inbox about "Homeschool Advantage." I just keep these things in my inbox until I have a moment to check them out. I think one could literally spend 24/7 looking at homeschooling resources on the internet and never run out of things to explore! It gets to the point where you just have to say "good enough" and go with some of the many things that would ultimately add to your child's education.

This one--HomeSchool Advantage--looks like a great resource to me! It is not a curriculum. It's something your kids do as an add on to their regular education. If my kids went to brick and mortar school I would still probably sign them up for this. It just takes a few minutes a day! The goal is to memorize good to know facts in a variety of subjects--30,000 facts in all--by the time the child is ready for higher education. For instance, "What is the 3rd largest ocean in the world?" Homeschool Advantage kids will learn, as one of their facts, that the Indian Ocean is the 3rd largest ocean in the world.

The program takes just a few minutes a day. Your child learns 2-5 new facts a day, and reviews facts that have already been presented. Short but repetitive trumps one-time long lessons any day--any teacher knows this. By reviewing the facts over and over they will eventually be added into a child's long term memory, rather than being put in the place we use to pass the test and then promptly empty!

This isn't a frilly program. It's not video-gamish. It's facts and questions and answers with effective graphics as needed. They send you a report each day on the number of new and review facts your child was presented with, and the percent that your child got correct. You choose the facts your child is presented with, based on their learning level. There are LOTS of choices. The facts start very easy and progress as they are mastered.

Anyway, check it out if you think it's important that your child memorize a ton of "good to know" facts! They have a one month free trial. We are doing the trial right now. They don't even take your credit card information so there is NO WAY you will be stuck paying for something you decide you don't want!


whenpigsfly 12:36 AM  

I'm going to look into it tomorrow. I'm always looking for new stuff to make life interesting in new ways, Thanks!