Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yarn Braids: Complete!

Braids braided down. Ends tied. Ends burnt. Total time for this round was about 6.5 hours, down from 15 the first time!

Happy mommy. Happy child. Done!


Heather A. 10:17 PM  

You chose a great length! Good job!

Cindy 10:59 PM  

Looks wonderful Aita.

Chantelle 8:43 AM  

So Cute!!! How long will they last?

Rachel 9:06 AM  

So cute! Love the length. I really miss doing African hair! Maybe someday.

Cora 11:26 AM  

Cutie!! Great job!

whenpigsfly 11:51 PM  

I like the yarn braid look a lot!!! Just spent some time with some moms who I am guessing had no idea how to tend to their adopted African little girl's hair and it made me so so sad to see dull, lack-luster,shineless, truly matted down, nappy -haired toddlers.The nannies in Liberia just knew taht American white women would NOT know how to care for the children's hair ( particularly the little girls) and made a huge point of showing us all how to care for, how to comb, how to fold, how to plait the girl's hair so that we would not be clueless when those beautiful little girls were home and needing hair attention. I appreciated that so much because I had not played with African hair is quite some time and I don't want to be the mom of a little embarrasssed girl who is wishing for a head scarf or a smarter mom! One of these days I will be picking your brain for hair tips you know!!!