Saturday, November 20, 2010

Photog in Training

Taevy asked me today if she could take some photos with my camera. She is really into taking photos and thinks she might want to be a photographer when she grows up (especially after meeting Miss Robin Dodd, photographer extraordinaire)! Here are some of today's untouched photos.

Self photo.
Self photo #2. It's really too bad this child is so ugly.

Using the self-timer, playing with the color settings. [, I don't know how to do this stuff with my own camera.] This one will be great once cropped!

So close! These smiles are their real smiles! If only the heads weren't chopped off!
Samren takes his best photos for Taevy because he doesn't try to pose. He's just goofy and fun. This is his "What's up?" look.
Samren says, "Ta-da!"
Taevy said, "Mom, what do you think about the brick background? I chose that on purpose."
This is my FAVORITE of the day! Aren't the colors just beautiful? These boys really work hard to be brothers AND friends.

Kendi loves her big brother Bright *SO* much, so although this is an eyes-closed pic that could be discarded, what I see is a sister soaking up the love so much that she is closing her eyes in bliss. Please ignore the dachshund nose!
This is my second-favorite of the day even though it's not the type you'd hang on your wall. This is one I'll look at one day when the kids are out of the house and I'll be able to remember what a normal day was like. Boy with his blue jeans rolled up, stick in hand. Boy with no socks and too-short pants. Sitting on rocks against the fence. Hanging out, doing nothing--the sort of "nothing" that makes memories.

Thanks, Taevy, for the great pictures!!! Miss Robin, Taevy wants to know which picture you like best and why? =-)


Heather A. 6:30 AM  

She did a GREAT job! She's got the eye! You should see some of Sophia's attempts at picture taking. (it would seriously put into perspective just how good Taevy is!)

And you really need to encourage Taevy to take as many pictures of Sammy as she can! Oh my gosh!

One more thing. I totally agree with on the picture where Kendi has her eyes closed. It conveys her bliss in hugging her big brother. The eyes closed MAKES the picture IMHO! Great job Taevy!