Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yarn Braids, session 3

I finished putting the braids in tonight! Now at least she looks like a fully haired rag doll rather than the one where the little brother gets it and yanks out half of its hair!

Kendi's hair line is a challenge because she has a huge "receding hairline" look. I've got this flap of hair coming up front but absolutely nothing within a couple inches on either side. The result is it looks kind of weird through the yarn braids because as they fall down from the middle front there are huge gaps of baldness underneath. Hard to describe, so I shall stop!
Now we have only to decide on a length, cut off excess, finish the braids, and tie them off! I don't know if I will burn the edges or not. Will decide when I see how it looks with ends free.
The second attempt has been SO much easier. Sitting down for a short session and then letting it go until the next day is GREAT. No tears. No weird cramps in my arms from braiding at weird angles. No 10 hour straight session because of a birthday party the next morning! Yeah...slow and easy...that's the way to do it.
Time to this point: 4-5 hours (3 sessions)
Estimated # of braids: 60


whenpigsfly 12:08 AM  

WOW ! she looks so grown up Anita!! Great job on her braids! I like her new look.
Oh got feedig tubes for Daniel today, but here in Stillwater after all. Whew!!!!

Cindy 1:31 AM  

She looks amazing. The braids make her look older.

Mama D.'s Dozen 1:42 AM  

The braids look GREAT!


Deborah 7:23 PM  

She is beautiful!! Wow! What a patient Mommy you are...

Heather A. 7:57 PM  

She looks so beautiful with her new braids. . . so darn grown up though! Great job!

The Last Crusade 8:40 PM  

She's gorgeous! (And I'm pretty sure she knows it!)