Monday, November 29, 2010

Truth! It's contagious!!!

As my friend "C" says, "HIV is nothing but a scared little has been!" Unfortunately, most of the world is stuck in the 80's with their knowledge of HIV/AIDS. Think about it. Here in America in the 80's we were trying to decide between VHS and Beta, and it was uber cool if you had a huge phone (with cord!) in your car! In the 80's the first home computers were just coming on the market, at thousands of dollars. Can you imagine if your knowledge of technology hadn't progressed since the 80's. You would be embarrassed! I think you should be just as embarrassed if your knowledge of HIV/AIDS is stuck in the 80's! Use your technology to learn the TRUTH!

No more excuses! Chances are, you know someone with HIV/AIDS. Chances are, you can't tell them apart from anybody else in the crowd. Please, if you haven't already, take a few moments to educate yourself about what HIV/AIDS is today--a chronic but VERY MANAGEABLE disease! Please, if you know the TRUTH about HIV--spread it! It's contagious!

Truth Pandemic (click to learn more)

P.S. December 1st is World AIDS Day! Please consider changing your FB profile pic to the Truth Pandemic graphic on that day! Please consider spreading knowledge about HIV through facebook, your blog, and all of your email contents! You can go to the link above to get all the information you need! Together we can update the world!