Thursday, December 02, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

Is another 23 days like this one! [minus the news of a heart issue]

In the last 10 months or so the good days with Ghana adoption have become fewer and farther between. Obviously, there are LOTS of days when a family receives good news and I get to give it. But there are few days when ALL of the news is good.

Today was a banner day. I didn't have any big bad news to give. I got to help make families! Woo-hoo! There is nothing like seeing the "waiting children" folder become smaller and the "matched children" folder becoming bigger! Well, I take that back. It is even better to see the "matched" children folder become smaller while the "post-adoption" folder becomes bigger! LOL!

Beyond adoption stuff I got to help plan some super-fun Christmas activities for some special kids and families in Ghana. This is all thanks to the amazingly generous families who are donating to the 2010 AAI Holiday Project!

Beyond "work" (I hate calling it that), I had a good family day. It wasn't a bad fibromyalgia day. The kids all had good behavior. They looked super cute at the doc's office, because Taevy decided they should all dress in their Christmas best for Dr. Connie. [The doc even wanted to take a picture! LOL!] The big kids got their school done. The little kids' played well together. I was a good mommy--not yelling, and praising them much more than criticizing them! Eric and I met our goal of being even more kind and respectful of one another, rather than falling into that trap where you are more snappy with your mate than you would ever be to some stranger on the street. And to top it all off, the Christmas tree is up and the lights are on! [No, we're not going to discuss the 16 boxes of Christmas decorations and ornaments still to be put out.]

Ahhh... This day was a gift, to be sure. These are the types of days that make all of the other ones bearable. Thank you Lord.



Alysa 10:34 PM  

Sounds like a great day!