Thursday, December 02, 2010

Searching for you, E and F's families...

Are you Mr. E.'s family? Or possibly Mr. F's family?

I can't wait for you to meet Mr. E.! Even though his paperwork says he's 5, we're thinking he's definitely more like 8 years old. He is currently living in a very loving foster home, with several friends and his two cousins. He has started school now and looks very proud in his new uniform! I haven't gotten to meet Mr. E yet, but he looks very smiley and easy-going in photos. A family I know has gotten to meet him and told me yesterday that he has a bit of her heart already. Whomever adopts Mr. E. is adding a very special child to their family!

Mr. F. is the life of the party! He's 7 on paper but we think he could be 1-2 years older. It's very hard to tell when a child has endured prolonged malnutrition. Mr. F. seems to be a very healthy boy. He has been in foster care for quite some time. Unfortunately, his first adoptive family changed their minds far into the process. I'm told that Mr. F. has healed well though, and looking forward to meeting his new FOR GOOD family! I have been privileged to meet Mr. F. His outgoing personality helps everybody to feel welcome within a minute or two. Even though Mr. F. hasn't had gone to school consistently in his life, his English skills are fabulous!

So many families don't feel comfortable adopting a child over the age of 6. A lot of families are hoping to adopt girls. I know that Mr. E and Mr. F's families will look at these boys and see all of the potential that is within them! I know that their families will realize that there is still a LOT of childhood left for an 8 year old. They are not "hard" or used up. They are just sweet little boys, legally free for adoption, that are waiting to meet the family that will see them and know that they have just seen their son for the first time.

So many times I have families return from Ghana and then tell me how wonderful the "older" children are. Before the trip they wouldn't have imagined being open to an 8-10 year old, but after the trip the children are more than just their age. The children are sweet little kiddos; still very accepting of love and cuddles; still very loving and very in need of a family.
If you think that either of these two boys (or potentially both!) could be yours, please email me at Families with homestudies can pursue an adoption immediately through Ghana's Department of Social Welfare.


Andrea 9:17 AM  

Aren't they sweet!!! Will be praying their families find them!

thecurryseven 9:29 AM  

Once again, I can't even bring myself to look at their lovely faces because of our family size.

fullplatemom 2:09 PM  

We adopted an 8 year old and a 5 year old from Ghana in March of this year. Yes, there are ups and downs when adopting older children. They did have a whole life before you. But, the joy they bring outweighs ANYTHING that you go through with them. I wouldn't hesitate to adopt an older child again. Get to know them, make sure the adoption is right for them, and the children in your home, and then DIVE IN!!!!

We love our Ghanaian kids so much. I am SO profoundly blessed to call myself their mom.


A. Gillispie 3:13 PM  

The sad thing is, it's the families with more than 5 children who are usually open to wonderful older kiddos like these two! Oh, if only Ghana would relax those practices!!!

the H family 5:50 PM  

I was one of those (well, both of us) who came home from Ghana totally IN LOVE with the older kids. I expected to go gaga over the babies and the toddlers, but it was the BOYS, all about 8-12 years old, who stole my heart. There was one in particular who asked me more than once to take him home. Of course, Efia had our attention at the time, but I found myself wondering if it might be possible to add a big brother, too. Unfortunately, you know what happened and why we did not. But I'll never forget "my boys" especially the one who wanted a Mama so badly. Efia still talks about him, too.

Amy 9:57 PM  

Hi Miss Anita,

Been reading your posts and thinking, but not posting comments- sending love and prayers for Taevy and just love ya. Too bad for these handsome men, hopefully the right family comes along soon!

Love ya,

Will and Karly 8:14 PM  

What sweet boys!

I have followed your blog for a long time now, but I've never commented before. I've been a lurker. :) My husband and I are just beginning the process of adopting our first little one from Uganda and I can't tell you how much of an encouragement your blog has been to me! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

Blessings, Karly