Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fun Weekend

This turned out to be a surprisingly good weekend. We expected to be in Kansas having one of our Christmas gatherings, but because of illness it was canceled. What to do with a whole free weekend in the middle of the Christmas season? RELAX! I posted yesterday about how we made cookies, in our PJ's. I must say, PJ day was a good one. I think we shall have to do this every year at this time. What is cheerier than a bunch of Christmas PJ's?
We were a little heavy on the green this year. Samren can pull it off though--being the lone red PJer. [Mine are green too.] =-)

We loaded into the car with cookies to eat, cookies to deliver, and mugs of hot cocoa--except Kendi (who chugged hers down before we could get into the car)!

We drove slowly through neighborhoods, admiring lights.
We ended up in one of the old "oil" neighborhoods. These are my dream houses. So much history! They are such beautiful homes!
It must have been Christmas party night for the "society" people, as most of the streets were lined with cars. A few places were offering valet!
This one party topped it off though--with offering their guests horse-drawn carriage rides through the neighborhood--to look at the lights or look at the houses, we couldn't be sure?!

At the end of the night we decided to give this rather humble abode top honors. Their house didn't even have lights on it, but we just loved the effort they put into their tree!

Does anybody else love to sleep under the Christmas tree? As a child I remember my mom allowing me to do this one night each year. I must admit I still try to sneak in a night on the couch each year, to sleep "under" the Christmas tree. Our current tree is too low to the ground to actually sleep UNDER, but we decided last night would be the night when the kids could all sleep around it. Bright is the child who is most mesmerized by the "magic" of the Christmas tree (like I was as a child). We don't seem to have too much in common personality-wise, so it's nice to have this thing to share. =-)
This morning it was nice to be able to go to church. Because of all the travel we do, we don't really get to be here on Sunday mornings much during December. This evening after dinner Kendi said, "Mommy, tank-oo for taking me to church. I like church." I told her that was nice. She then said, "But I don't like being no talk there!" THAT's my Kendi! LOL!
I needed this weekend. I really did. It's been harder than usual to get my spirit where I want it to be this time of year. For me, all the buying really does take away from my joy. I love to give my loved ones gifts, but hate the "hurry up" nature of it all, and don't want to focus on excess. Having time to just BE, and ENJOY MY FAMILY, and focus on my CHRIST--that's what I needed. Bring on the Christmas spirit!