Monday, December 27, 2010

Highlight on gifts..

I don't usually like to focus too much on gifts, but it is fun to think back on some of the biggest "hits" in our gift giving! I always wonder what a "normal" budget is for one child's Christmas. We usually do about $100 for each child. We have big changes in mind for next year.

The tree on Christmas Eve, all perfect with gifts set out for the morning. We put our "santa" gifts in the big felt bags in front of the TV this year. First gifts were utilitarian--helmets and knee/elbow pads for everybody! Hmm...why might they receive those?Because the littles received their first ever scooters, and the bigs received new skates! [Gotta love Aldi for the good but inexpensive in-line skates!]
Kendi got a "Belle" wig to add to her dress-up basket, but decided to wear her new hair all morning, with a new hat she received. She pulls it off!
Here are the boys, practice shooting each other with their new guns. Actually, Bright thought it quite unfair that Samren's gun shot foam darts and did NOT want to stand this close to his brother for the photo op! LOL! This is the first year that Bright has been into anything remotely "boyish." It was fun to see him shooting up the house rather than crying after his sister's new wig (although he did do that just a bit later in the day)!Daddy got a shop-vac from the kids. I don't know who was more excited. The kids barely gave him enough room to open the gift, and you can see Kendi cheering because "It's exactly what daddy wanted!"
It always looks like we have a lot of gifts under the tree, but lots of them are $5 or under. We always get the kids a food gift--something they don't usually get to eat. Samren's was Easy Mac and some chocolate bars from Aldi.
The biggest gift reaction of the day was when they all opened a box with cotton candy. LOL! Seriously?! $1 bags of cotton candy gets you to jump up and down?!
Our wonderful neighbors had the kids over a few days before Christmas for a Christmas party. They received these very thoughtful gifts from the neighbors.
Don't you just love the $5 stuffed toys and books that Kohl's has every year? It's become a tradition for my Aunt and Uncle to give these to the children each year. Of course, they love them and have quite the collection now!

My gift-giving-challenged (but wonderful) husband did good this year too! I received enough Bath and Bodyworks "Twilight Woods" stuff to last the whole year! He also gave me money to buy some accessories for my Kindle. He was a smart man, knowing that it would probably best for me to pick my accessories! ;-) Actually, the Kindle was an early Christmas gift from him a few months ago. Thank you honey!


Cora 3:58 PM  

Wow, looks like an amazing morning!

Heather 10:44 AM  

LOVE it! Although I'm a bit curious to know what you've got planned for next year! Oh, and it's nice to know my hubby isn't the only "gift challenged" hubster out there!!!