Sunday, December 26, 2010

Six Christmas Mornings

Last night I sat up late looking at Christmas pictures from the last 6 Christmases we've had in this house. Wow. My family grew up before my eyes! From 2, to 3, to 4 children. From two preschoolers, to two "upper elementary" and two new preschoolers!




Ach, they are such gifts, these children. Sometimes I still get chills when I remember "This is it! This is the dream!" We built our family for 10 years. Lots of frustration and tears. Lots of monetary expense. Lots of waiting and wondering if we would ever really reach our goal. Thank you Lord for the gift of my children.


exmish 8:39 PM  

Oh, I love it. :) They are beautiful!!! Our family picture still doesn't look quite the way I have imagined it....maybe next year? ;) (Is it Passover that they always say "Next year in Jerusalem"? I guess in our house it's "Next year at Christmas..." :) )

Chantelle 7:23 AM  

These are GREAT Christmas pics. Love seeing them through the years! :)