Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"B" Family Christmas

This weekend we were at my mom's house to celebrate Christmas with that whole side of the family--six kids (and their mates) plus 13 grandchildren (3 not there) makes for lots of gifts under the tree, from a VERY generous Grandma and Grandpa!

One of the fun things my mom did this year was to buy each of the children hat and glove/mitten sets. I got to help her shop for these and couldn't wait to see what each child thought of their new warm cozies!

So cute!!! I especially like the "mohalk" hats. Are those not too much?!
Taevy's "santa" gift this year was an American-girl-like doll (not the real thing). She has wanted one of these for a long time. I love that my 10 year old wanted a doll for Christmas.
Samren's santa gift was this Nerf N-Strick tactical vest. This thing is super fun! It's got spaces for all of his ammo, plus gun holsters. It's even got a sleeve on the back so he can put a gun or sword on his back and pull it out like they do in the movies. I think he wore this pretty much all weekend!
It's hard to know what to buy for Bright. He just doesn't express his interests like a typically developing child. This one thing though--the Glow Station--he said he hoped santa would bring him. Every time we were at the store he would say, "Mommy, Santa bring me that!" We were lucky then, ,that we guessed what he would most like weeks before he knew himself. Whew! This thing really is pretty fun. Bright loves to draw, and there is no mess with this.
Kendi is at the perfect age for dress-up! Mom put together a ton of dress up clothes--from fun stuff from the thrift store to after-halloween costumes on sale--and put them into this hamper for Kendi. This hamper is going to provide hours and hours of fun for the little Princess!
The grandparents and their grandkids (minus 3 that weren't in attendance). Thanks Mom and Dennis for making our Christmas so special. It's not the gifts--it's the time and effort you put forth into getting us all together.


Renee 8:10 PM  

What a BEAUTIFUL Christmas!

Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life 9:33 PM  

I agree that it's wonderful your 10 yr old wished for a doll. Anything to get them to enjoy childhood just a little longer.

The shot of the kids in their hats is wonderful!