Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Poor Christmas Tree, Poor Christmas Tree...

How beautiful your lights were.

Does anybody else have this problem? We start out with a beautiful and heavily lit tree. As the season wears on one strand of lights after another stops working.

Our tree was decorated thusly:

1. white globe lights on the deep interior, close to the trunk.

2. small white twinkle lights galore!
3. 3 strands of red lights

4. 3 strands of green lights

What do we have now? We have 1 and 4 above. Some globe white lights along the trunk, a measly touch of green lights. ACH! I have changed all of the fuses I can stand to change. [Although, I did just have an a-ha moment while writing this so maybe...just maybe...]
Kendi walked into the room the other day and said, "Mommy, our tree look sad. It's sad, sad, sad." LOL! We're going to try to figure out something so that we can have a cheery tree on Christmas morning, but it just may be that our kids have to deal with a "sad" tree if mom and dad can't figure something out!


Heather 11:38 AM  

Ha! Poor Christmas Tree indeed! Are your Littles pulling lights out by chance? I store our trees with the lights on, and we've had the same lights for several years in a row now. . . .

Renee 11:55 AM  

Kendi is so cute! LOL.. We have a prelit tree..every time I plug it in I hold my breath.

A. Gillispie 1:55 PM  

You are lucky ladies! The electricity in our house is pretty messed up, so we think that may have something to do with it. This happened last year too. Eric says we are just putting too many cords end to end. We bought a special cord to help with that this year, but not until most of the lights were already on. The ones that are still on are attached to the special cord. Maybe next year the lights will stay on all year!