Sunday, January 30, 2011

Calvert School???

Has anybody out there used Calvert School for your kids? Particularly for Pre-K or K?
My big kids will be enrolled in Epic Charter School next school year. The little ones (pre-k and k) can also enroll if we want them to. I'm currently considering all of our options.
With Epic you can choose your child's homeschool curriculum from several that the school has made an agreement with. With this program you use your child's "learning fund" (the funds that would have gone to the public brick and mortar school) to pay for your child's education. We'll have about $1000 a child. Most of that would go to pay for the curriculum. Some can also go to provide technology for learning (like a laptop, internet, etc.). Finally, you can use the money to enroll your kids in extra-curriculuar activities like dance or choir or football.
I certainly do not think a 4 year old child NEEDS to be enrolled in school! But, would it hurt to have her in a pre-K homeschool program? I think not. And it would be nice to be able to use our educational funds to put her in dance (which I really think she would like).
ANYWAY.... The only pre-K option for Epic right now is Calvert School. If anybody has used Calvert (or heard good/bad things), especially for the younger kiddos I would love your feedback!



Claire 2:21 PM  

Hey, my friend Heather used it for Pre-K and now K with her son and she has had nothing but good things to say about it.

Here's her should give you some info about what the lessons look like b/c she takes a ton of pictures.

mommajeane 3:32 PM  

I used it one year when we had lots going on- moving and our house was on the market.This was 20 some years it may have changed. It is very regimented but good in it's format. It was easy for me the teacher because I just followed along.At the time you could choose not to be overseen and do it independently which is what we did. It was more classical like than Christian but we had no issues really.You get everything for your student sent to you ( paper, pencils and supplies)At the time lots of missionary families used them or people who traveled like diplomats.

Jeanie 10:28 PM  

Anita, we LOVE Calvert! I was homeschooling due to Lydia's severe nut allergy, and now that we are in a different school district, she can safely go back to public school. BUT, after a semester of public school, despite how much she enjoys it, she misses homeschooling, and doesn't feel she is learning as well now. I especially loved their history lessons...she still remembers enough about ancient Greek and Roman mythology to recognize references in movies, etc! I also have an idea for you re hair growth - feel free to contact me at By the way,Calvert also has great supplemental courses. We got one on Early American History, Ancient Greece, Art, Art History, and more. Lydia can hardly wait till school is over so she can do her beloved Calvert!