Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Dress Up Mania!

Is it me or is Kendi looking really tall in this picture? I think I am going to have two tall and skinny girls on my hands!

The girls have really been enjoying the dress up basket Kendi got for Christmas. Some of the clothes are Taevy-sized. Kendi is learning from the best the art of dress-up! Yesterday they were playing "pageant" (thanks to a recent viewing of "Toddlers and Tiaras"). I held the crowns and then had to watch them come down and strut their stuff. This was "outfit of choice." LOL!


Heather 6:36 PM  

YES Kendi looks tall! And sheesh, that Taevy. . . am I going to be seeing her on Next Top Model or what!?! She looks like a mini fashion model with that strutt!

A. Gillispie 10:04 PM  

Oh Heather, she was standing over my shoulder when your comment came in. Watch out world! ;-) One of her hobbies is fasion/modeling so she totally ate that up. I think you are one of her new favorite people!

Heather 12:08 AM  

Ha! You know she's going to be strutting her stuff now!

And back on to the room thing, one of my girls, and I'm not telling which, slept in a bed with cat pee for three days before I started smelling the funky on her hair!!! AHHHHH!!!!! And that's not something I share with just anybody!

Coley 8:45 PM  

You're going to be in trouble when they grow up!! SO beautiful (and tall!)