Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Out You GO!

Books anyone? These are the "to donate" books. Anybody else have a hard time letting go of books?! In my dream home I will have a library where I never have to let go of books.

Legos. Thousands of legos. Picked up over the course of 3 days as we cleaned out the upstairs rooms. Tiny little things. I will be one unhappy mommy if I find these strewn in the far recesses of the bedrooms again!

Girls' room. FAR from being fashionable. FAR from even very presentable. But it is organized now. There is a floor now (as ruined as it is)!
The boys' room. Again, far from fashionable. You can't quite see all of the not-so-lovely scribbles and signatures all over the wall. Bright decided to destroy the shades one day during nap time. But, at least it's organized, and they too have a floor again.
This is the TRASH that came out of the 3 bedrooms upstairs! Just the trash! This does not count the 5 huge lawn and leaf bags that we filled with stuff to donate!

We started last weekend cleaning out the upstairs bedrooms, in an effort to start 2011 right. "Mess" isn't the right word. It was so much worse than a mess! It was embarrassing. I counted up the hours we worked and it was well over 24 hours over the 3 days. We are resolved to never let it get that way again!

We are left with an organized upstairs, but also one with marks all over the walls, and horribly stained floors. Hopefully we can correct that issue in 2011 as well.

Working on the upstairs put back the work of getting all of the Christmas stuff put away. The kids are, as I type, putting the last of it in the upstairs storage closet. YEA!

We have friends coming over to spend the day with us tomorrow. I think it was Saturday night when I busted out crying because there was no end in sight and I didn't want them to come over for the first time mid-cleanout, with the tree still up on January 6th!

I think we've finished the clean-out and Christmas put-away just in time. Now we'll have a bit of time this evening to actually clean up before they come over tomorrow!

Off to sweep...


exmish 6:12 PM  

GREAT JOB, family!!!! I know how much work that took!

Heather 6:43 PM  

LOVE the kids rooms! They look like kids rooms! And believe me when I say the look better than my girls room, which doesn't have a clean surface because their space is so small and complete with holes in the walls, blank spots where something has been taped and peeled off with the paint along with it.

I wish I could say that I was right there with you. But I'm so, so far behind you! I refuse to get rid of any of the girls toys, books or clothes unless it's just complete crap,just in case. Some days I just want to pitch it all. But for now, you've inspired me to go for it too! You did a FANTASTIC job! Can you come help me with mine now?

Venegas Family 7:50 PM  

Aah...I love books too! I have to really talk myself into getting rid of them. I feel your pain and I too would LOVE a library.

Lots of hard work and I bet it feels so good to accomplish it!

Cindy 7:53 PM  

That is awesome! Good work!

A. Gillispie 10:01 PM  

Heather, this is one of the many reasons I love you! Honestly, I wonder how many of us have kids' rooms with tons of stains, writing on the wall, holes, and (in our case) months old dirty pullups!

I really love the idea of having "decorated" and coordinating rooms for the kids, but the reality is that they would rather hang up their various treasures all over the wall. I think I'll give on that one and just let them be them, but matching comforters would be nice!

We are HUGELY blessed with the bedrooms in this house! It's the reason we bought this one over our 2nd pic--we could just see four kids in those two big rooms upstairs (they are like 13X15). We have another bedroom upstairs too--that is where the books, big toys, and DVD player is.

Now that upstairs is cleaned out and Christmas stuff is put away I feel like I can breath again!

Chantelle 7:24 AM  

Great post... and it looks/sounds exactly like our mess... I mean house!

Claire 2:57 PM  

Great job! I think their rooms are adorable...I love the bright colors. Just be glad you only have one set of blinds like that. My kids (and cats) did that to every single set in our old house.

Renee 3:18 PM  

Awesome JOB!!!

I love your kids rooms! They are so cool-and so spacious!

I hear you on the books-such treasures... and so hard to get rid of.

We have a bookcase that our Noah wrote his name on. Part of me was like "Really? If you are going to write on something and you sign your name HA! you are so busted."

Already though, I look at it and it makes me smile. I'll probably be little old lady clinging onto it all because of his little 5 year old "signature".

Love you, love your BLOG!

Coley 8:44 PM  

Starting the new year with a clean house! I love it!!