Thursday, January 06, 2011

Playin' Hookie!

"The sun is too bright, but I'm rockin' on!"

"Are you sure about this mom?"
Do you think Taevy is happy to have a sister? I promise I don't make them dress alike (except on 2 major holiday)!Bravo Bright! Scaling small spans!
Looks like Samren saw something gross inside the slide tube.

Taevy and Kendi thought, "Let's make a really bad face for mom's picture!"
You can tell that these are good friends because (1) the don't think twice about wrestling with our kids on (2) a very nasty stained and stinky carpet!

We--the whole Gillispie family--played hookie today! Eric and I didn't work, and the kids didn't do school. Instead, we got to spend the whole day playing with the Gibbs family! We called it "G Day!"

I was so blessed to meet the Gibbs family in April when they traveled to Ghana to adopt their son, Sammy. We traveled, by bus, to Bolgatanga Upper East Region. [Go HERE and scroll to paragraph 21 to read my friend's account of going TO Bolga. Go HERE to read my account of the ride FROM Bolga.] Going through an experience like that bonds you for life! LOL! It's amazing to me how the Lord can send you across the world in order to meet someone who grew up in the same school district you
did! [They now live in CA.]

Brandi and Jesse now seem like my little bro and sis. Not so much like having friends visit as much as having family visit. We fully expect (hear me Gibbs?) to be on their visit list each time they "come back home" to Tulsa for a visit!

The kids had a blast, although I'm betting the next time they visit it will go even better. Seems like they were all just getting really warmed up to each other about the time the day was over.

My kids would like to request that Brandi and Jesse visit for wrestling matches at least once a week--since their old fogey parents don't usually get down and wrestle these days.

It figures that it takes us 12 married years to find 2 capable card-playing partners--that live in California! URGH!

Thanks for a great day Gibbs Fam. We're counting on another "G Day" each and every trip from here on out!


Deborah 9:45 PM  

What a great day :) Kendi is such a miracle...she looks so strong and happy!! Yay for God!!!

Kristin 11:38 PM  

Looks like a blast! Glad you got some vistors your way for a change!