Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going, Ghana, Gone

Well, I need to let go of my illusion that I'll be going to Ghana sometime in the next few months. I've really had the itch lately. I so miss my friends, and the list of new people I need/want to meet is getting longer and longer as the months pass by. I hate not knowing (in person) the group of kids we're currently advocating for, and would really like some hugs from them. =-)

I haven't posted about it on my blog yet, but my mother-in-law is battling breast cancer. She is being a super trouper, but the reality is that she's down. She's tired, and she's sick. She simply can't care for my crew while I go to Ghana.

We have a friend who would be willing to take the kids, but Eric really wants to avoid sending the littles ones away from family again. Without the big ones, the little ones are even harder for someone to care for (since the bigs are such a huge help).

Eric said he would just take off work while I was away and stay home with all of the kids. I love that my guy would sacrifice 1 of his 3 weeks of PTO for me to go to Ghana, and I love that he feels like he could do it, but I don't have peace about that. He's a Type I Diabetic with low vision. He can't see when the kids are getting into stuff. If they want to hide from him, they can. He sometimes goes into seizures from low blood sugar in the middle of the night. Either I would have to have a big kid sleeping in the bed with him so they could call 911, or he could go into seizure and never wake up. Umm...I don't think I want to put that kind of responsibility on my 9 and 10 year olds!

If it gets to the point that I MUST go to Ghana, we'll figure it out. Right now we're at the "really, really want to verging on need to" stage. We're not at "must."

Now, I'm thinking/hoping/dreaming that by August the MIL will be over this cancer business--not just so I can go to Ghana but also because I sort of love her! Until I can head back over I will have to continue experiencing the country through the eyes of other adoptive families. Take good pictures please, and eat some Red Red for me!


Felicia 8:51 AM  

Do you have anyone who can come ot your home as a "guest" to help out?

A. Gillispie 4:39 PM  

Thanks for the thought Felicia. We don't have anybody to come and stay with Eric and the kids during the time that I was hoping to go to Ghana. My mom might be able to help out more if I go later in the year. But there is the small issue that my hubby does not feel like he needs anybody to be here! ;-)