Thursday, January 20, 2011

Compare the U.S. to your child's birth country...

I read a blog this morning that referenced this website. Very neat. You can compare your home country with another country and learn things like how much more or less electricity you would use in one country vs. another; how much more or less likely you would be to have HIV/AIDS; how many more or less children you would have; etc.. It's really very interesting. I took it a step further and compared my kids' birth countries to each other. Interesting how similar Cambodia and Ghana are, and how much better off Vietnam is than the other two countries. Most surprising stat I read was that I would be MORE likely to be employed in Cambodia than in the United States!
Go HERE to compare countries.


Michelle 4:45 PM  

love it! I was surprised at some of the numbers for Kyrgyzstan compared to the US.