Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lion Hearts

Thanks for your prayers for Taevy. SHE'S HEALTHY!!!!!! They tested her up one way and back down the other, over to the right and back to the left, back and forth! In the end, the cardiologist walked in and said she has a perfectly healthy heart! PRAISE GOD!!!

Whether the Lord healed her or the EKG technician at the first place did a poor quality exam we won't know on this side of heaven. Regardless, we are thankful! She is free to start ADHD medication anytime, should we choose to do that. The combination of caffeine, fish oil, and ginko biloba have really made a difference for her, but it's still very difficult for her to focus on school. SHE wants to restart medication. We'll see.

As a bonus, it was really nice to have a few hours just to hang out with my eldest. She's such a neat kid. I can just sort of tell that she's the one I'm going to hang out with as a "friend" when she's an adult (like I am with my mom). Note to self: More one on one time needed.

Oh...and our little puppy Mac. He hasn't been feeling so great either. He has his first vet visit last week. Vaccinations and wormer (round worms). Poor little guy went through the normal "yucky" worm poop a few days after that but his stools have gotten worse and worse. He pushed and pushed and prolapsed his little anus. =-( And there was a bit of blood in his stool last night. To the vet we went today. The verdict is that he's got a good old fashioned sick gut. What is it with our family and GI issues?! A prescription puppy food along with a doggy version of probiotics for a few weeks should get his tummy a chance to heal up.

He is such a FAT happy puppy! Active, but not so active as to be annoying! He's a whopping 10 pounds now, and is every bit as big as our mini daschund Lucy.

I am medicaled out.


Heather 9:52 PM  

Thank you Jesus! I'm so happy for you guys, but especially for Taevy! Awesome, awesome news!

Cindy 11:03 PM  

WONDERFUL! I am thrilled that she has a healthy heart.

Amy 11:07 PM  

SOOOOOOOO happy to hear about Taevy's great news! Must be a huge relief! Hopefully lil' pup will be feeling good soon.

Love ya,

Arnold family 9:27 AM  

I am so thankful that Taevy is healthy!!!

Mary Ellyn 1:42 PM  

I'm so happy for Taevy and the entire family. And now you know she has a healthy heart.