Monday, January 17, 2011

Waiting Children--spotlight on "J" in Uganda!

My friend Salem (who runs the AAI Uganda program) has the MOST ADORABLE waiting baby boy! "J" is 3 years old, but I hear he is still very much a baby. He happens to have Down Syndrom and is HIV+. His fees will be "VERY low!" I can't post his picture here, but if you think "J" might be your missing future son, please write to Salem ( to learn more about this sweet little guy!

Along the same lines...

I know Salem has several waiting children (both healthy and special needs) from ages 2 to 8 years that are in need of families! Uganda is an up and coming program where fees are very reasonable. The process seems to be going well for families, and oh (!) what a beautiful country!

In our Ghana program we also have a growing list of waiting children. Please let me know if you might be interested in adopting a boy (or two)!

"E" is an 8ish year old boy. Totally adorable, and healthy.

"J" has been waiting for a long time. He's 7-8 years, and healthy.

"F" is newly waiting. This child's smile will melt you immediately! He's around 6 years, and happens to be HIV+.

Finally, we have "Em," who is also around 6 years old. The photo I have of him is delightful--such a cute shy-looking smile! "Em" is healthy.

So many waiting kids! And I know there are also so many waiting families out there! If only all of the ages and genders matched up...


Cindy 11:04 PM  

Sweet Boys! I keep working on Lindsay but he is not budging! : )