Monday, February 28, 2011


Go give my good friend AMY "Fabu" a shout out!!! She is one of eight finalists for Macy's Million Dollar Makeover!!! She is the ONLY adoptive parent in the bunch. Hopefully the ENTIRE adoption community can back her up! BTW, you shouldn't just vote for her because she's an adoptive mother. She also happens to be a board certified teacher, she lost 60 pounds in the last year, is mom to five, and an all around TRULY FABULOUS PERSON!!!!!

I love you Amy Fabu!!!!

P.S. Voting doesn't start until March 7th. Don't worry. I will remind you. =-)


Amy 9:58 PM  

Thank Miss Anita! You are so awesome to mention it here on your blog. I know you have LOTS of readers and I sure hope they listen to you! :) Love ya!

Amy "Fabu" Ferrell, one of the 8! Eeek! Still can't believe it!

Amy 2:49 PM  

Should the lack of any comments at all scare me because it kind of is... :(

A. Gillispie 2:55 PM  

No! Don't let it scare you! People are just saving their typing fingers for all of the voting they are going to do when your week comes!

Oh--but you might want to change your prifile pic from that gorgeous pic. People might not thing you need a make over because you already look so good! ;-)

Amy 9:39 PM  

Ha! Love it! I'll have to take care of that! STAT! :)