Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weird Moments in the Gillispie Fam

There have been a few moments today where I realize we might not be the most normal family around. OR...maybe we're normal but nobody else talks about this stuff on a blog!
I'm using the restroom (door open) and Kendi (3) walks in. "Mommy, do you have a big p*nis?" Umm...nope! No Kendi, I don't! "But mommy, I have one. It's just tiny though. Wann see?" Nope Kendi! I'm good. We just call that a "pee pee" for now, okay? "But Mommy, Bright and Samren have them right?" Umm yeah. Thanks boys for giving the 3 year old an anatomy lesson! Evidently there was a discussion about body parts that occurred upstairs!
Then tonight we were sitting around doing nothing in particular. The littles are downstairs with Eric and I and the bigs are upstairs. The littles start asking me how to blow bubbles. I told them I didn't have any gum. [They think it's amazing I can blow a gum bubble.] But THEN I had this genius mom moment where I remembered spit bubbles! Let me tell you, I got lots of cool mom points for demonstrating spit bubbles for my little ones! They were AMAZED. I had to laugh at what we must have looked like--Eric and I sitting in our living room blowing spit bubbles for our kids. Good grief.
All part of a day in the life of our family. =-)


Heather 10:27 PM  

Crap, I think my loud, obnoxious LOL moment woke Nathan up! SO freaking funny! And right now, I'm thankful that I'm a girl mommy only! No penis talk in our house! Boobs only.

Mama D.'s Dozen 12:45 AM  

Love it!

My favorite anatomy conversation was when one of my little guys was in the bathtub and he said, "Mommy, I have a ball in my peanut." Ummm ... yes ... you do. :)

Spit bubbles? No. We have not taught our children how to do that. Of course, we are completely "not normal", so maybe you are normal after all.

Laurel :)

Cora 9:09 AM  

ha ha! I think those moments are more normal than you think. You should see Chloe give kisses there is so much spit flying, it is hilarious :)

Mollie 12:19 PM  

hahahhaa! gotta love when the kids realize the difference between boys and girls! i still remember when my littlest asked our neighbor if he had a "peanut" (we didn't tell her to call it this, she just misunderstood) luckily the neighbor didn't hear! if you're up for taking topic suggestions for your blog i'd love if you did one on your kiddo's names! they're all so unique, i'd love to hear the background story! thanks for keeping me entertained, and giving me laugh!

Amy 11:49 PM  

NICE! Thanks for the chuckle! :)


Rose M. Welch 11:50 PM  

A few weeks ago, my older son asked me very frankly what a foreskin was, why he had one, and if it would stop him from having sex when he was older.

Ack! My 8-year-old asking me about his future sex life!