Monday, March 21, 2011

Ahhh...that new carpet smell!

Carpet! No stains. No burn marks. No urine smell!
Carpet! No grass green paint spill, no embedded beads, no funky-old pull-up smell!
Stair carpet! No muddy shoe prints. No decomposing banana peel. No stickers stuck hard in your pile!

We sat the children down REALLY well and had a BIG SERIOUS talk with them about how the new carpet was to be treated. No dogs upstairs. No kids with shoes on upstairs. No drinks upstairs (no, not even water!). No food upstairs. All paint, markers, fingernail polish, and any other such items must be stored about 5 year reach at all times, or behind a locked door. And (yes, we need to say this one)--no peeing on the floor when you're involved in a movie. GO TO THE BATHROOM DUDE!

Then it was nap time.

And Kendi peed her pants as she slept on her bed.

She got up and...

2 drops of pee fell on the new carpet.

Bright witnessed this atrocity and started screaming for the carpet police immediately! Catastrophe averted, thanks to a bit of soap and water.

Kendi's near run in with the Carpet Police has caused her to take this very serious. We PITY DE FOOL who comes to OUR HOUSE and messes on OUR CARPET. You will have to deal with

Yes, she is giving you the scary look combined WITH the wild hair look, for full effect. Don't mess with this girl!


Amy 10:16 PM  

Enjoy the new carpet and thanks for the laugh!!!! :)

Fabu, of the Amy Ferrell variety :)

Mama D.'s Dozen 11:25 PM  

It really does pay off to be the Carpet Police.

We put in new carpet 9 years ago ... have lived here with a dozen children ... and it still looks REALLY nice, because the kids learned to "follow the rules". Seriously. Not. One. Stain. ... in 9 years. This is in our Rec. Room and 3 of the kid's bedrooms (that is ... 3 bedrooms, that have slept up to 9 kids at a time).


Laurel :)

mommajeane 6:39 AM  

I wouldn't mess with her :)This post made me laugh this am...I know just how the new carpet police boss feels..However it is often a losing battle here. We have a burn from the iron in our hallway from an older boy who was ironing...You can't miss it is sort of part of our life and if a boy is ironing I guess that goes with it sometimes :)