Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm going to be...

I'm going to be a Post Institute Certified Instructor for "The Great Behavior Breakdown!!!!" One day I might be included on THIS page!
If you're an AAI family you know who Bryan Post is. If not, you can learn about The Post Institute HERE. I first heard of Bryan Post when AAI sent me their required adoption education packet, including a 4 DVD educational series by Bryan Post. If you've sat through a lot of videotaped seminars you know how boring they can be. Not this. It was riveting information from beginning to end. What I learned completely changed the way I think about behaviors in my children.
Here are some tidbits that have been most revealing to me:
*Poor behavior (in anybody, not just kids!) is based in stress.
*At the core, there are two emotions: love and fear. All behaviors are rooted in love or fear.
*Oxytocin is a chemical in the brain that helps us to regulate stress.
*By giving our kids oxytocin-rich experiences, we can help them to regulate their fear/stress, therefore leading to more love-based responses rather than fear-based responses.
Isn't that cool stuff?!
Not long ago I got an email from The Post Institute describing upcoming events right here in Tulsa. Right here in my town, I could attend the training to become a certified instructor! There was that little issue of the $500 price tag, but this was such a great opportunity I didn't let that dissuade me.
Thankfully, my employer has offered to pay for the training!
I am not excited about this because I want to be all "bah-dee-da" about having a certification. I am excited because I truly believe in The Post Institute teachings and I WANT to know more. I want to know how better to communicate with the families I work with on understanding the stress model and how it can help their kids to heal AND help the parents to cope in the meantime! [Sorry, long confusing sentence.] I feel like this is life-changing stuff.
NOW--here's the thing--I AM COMPLETELY INTIMIDATED!!! Did you see the bios of the current instructors? Yikes. Here I am with my music education degree, plus "field experience." It will be interesting to see if I can keep my head above water with folks who have special letters after their names!
I have known for a few years now that I would like to go back and get my masters in social work. But I've also known for a few years that there is no way I could swing it right now (financially, but even more so because of homeschooling 4 young children and working pretty much full time.) Without a SW degree, I was hoping to at least add some sort of counseling certification or *something* that would beef up my resume for the work I love. I had no clue what that would look like. Now I do!
The Post Institute training is something I would have wanted to do regardless of anything else. It's just an extra special plus that it will look good on my resume! Please pray that I will represent AAI well and that my life experience will carry me through to certification!
P.S. Sorry for the blank post earlier! It was an edgy "enter" finger!


Heather 4:52 PM  

a tease?

Jenny 5:10 PM  

WHAT?!?!?! Don't do this to us! :)

Venegas Family 5:13 PM  

Whatever you want to be? :)

Heather 5:54 PM  

Haha! I was starting to wonder! You're going to be great! You've totally got the heart for it and it will be SO helpful for some of your families. I'm not a big fan of Brian Post myself, but I know several people that swear by his teachings.

A. Gillispie 6:16 PM  

Sorry. No tease. Just a nauty enter finger. =-)

Ericka 8:06 AM  

Anita, let me know what you think about training....and what you think of the oxytocin......