Saturday, March 19, 2011

A happy ending....

Since we "only" have two dogs right now I got permission from Eric to keep my eye out for situations where we might take care of a dog sort-term. Maybe there is an owner in the hospital that needs someone to keep their dog for a month (we've been there, done that). Maybe a dog is found and going to be taken to the pound if nobody takes the dog in 2 days. That sort of thing.
Today we had our first "foster" experience. A dog was found at a church by a teenager. A couple at the church took the dog for a few days, but were going to have to take it to the pound at the end of the day if no owner (or new owner) was found. We said we'd take the dog until we could find a new owner. She would have only had 3 days at the pound.
In comes a dog that looks almost EXACTLY like our Ki-Ki--the dog that we rehomed a few months ago because of dog aggression issues. It was so WEIRD! We called the dog "Dixie." It was a wild afternoon of dog play (after our pups realized it wasn't Ki-Ki and the new dog wasn't going to try to kill them)! In and out they went. Tummy rubs. Loving licks. Getting used to the noise of four kids.
Around 8pm we get a call. Dixie's owner! YEE-HAW!!! [Oh, she's actually "Sunny."] What a wonderful happy evening!!! The owner would have found her at the pound "in time," but would have had to pay $97 to get her out. Just love how God works things out sometimes, even for little furry creatures!
The best thing? Eric's less than enthusiastic permission to do the "foster dog" thing has now changed to a semi-content permission. =-) It was a good first experience for all. Even Eric got a feel good moment out of it! LOL!


Dani Neumann 1:50 PM  

I am so glad you are fostering! I foster and it's the greatest experience- and my Eric was very hesitant about it, until that first puppy got the most amazing home. You are such a wonderful angel <3