Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hair Evolution: First Faux Hawk!

The other night when Kendi was super sick I was playing with her hair. I did two french twists on one side of her hair. We had just seen Willow Smith on TV and she had this cute little do where she had two braids on the side and a cute faux hawk thing with the rest of her hair. The next day I decided to see what could be accomplished with Kendi's hair.
I think the result is so cute! If you knew her personality you could see how this style suits it perfectly. It's just so sassy and spunky! We got lots of compliments today at Homeschool Choir and the library. =-) The best part is that the twists and puffs are actually staying in! Her hair is long enough to hold a style! Woot!


Deborah 9:11 PM  

Your header picture is absolutely beautiful!! Your babies are growing up so fast. Love you!