Thursday, March 03, 2011

Blizzards cause Boredom

Warning. There may be more than the usual amount of posts in the next few days. I haven't had my camera for the last month, but I've been using an old one that still "sort of" worked. It doesn't download the pics off the camera anymore. Tonight I finally used Taevy's camera to download the pics onto my computer. Ahhh....250 pics from the month of February!

In early February we had record snow fall and record low temps here in Oklahoma. It was truly (I hope) a once in a lifetime occurance! Schools were out for almost 2 weeks (not that that affected Gillispie Christian Academy!). I'm telling you, we were starting to go nutty towards the end of the mandatory lock in. I was so sick of being at home 24/7!

What happens when boredom gets to a certain peak level? Well, you might wake up and decide to cut yourself some bangs.
[No make-up on the mommy. Sorry for the scare!]

And you might decide it's a good idea to give your girls a make-up job with your white-mommy make-up. [And the make-up might not wash off for 3 days!]

Kendi looked at herself after her "make over" expecting to see a thinkg of beauty. Instead she make a scrunchy face and said, "Mommy! You made me look like a clown!"