Friday, March 25, 2011

Small Update on Kasoa Orphanage

Thank you for all of the comments on this, both publicly and privately. One of you spoke with the (wonderful) volunteers for this home about the water situation. It appears that the borehole that was completed a few years ago has become contaminated. The recent water project was to connect the home with piped water, not a new well or borehole. I just read on FB that that project is now 100% funded. Wonderful news.
I just want to make it clear that my bringing up my concern for the home was NOT to cause trouble for anybody. I just worry about those kids. Something doesn't seem right there. I pray that in the future they will receive every donation given to them, and that someone figures out how to use donations wisely, to build the home up so that in a few years it will not always be seen as such a sad/hard/poor/basic place.



Becky 6:27 PM  

People need to be made aware of these kinds of things. We all work very hard for our money and want it to go to the children, not to line an adult's pockets.

I don't know this orphanage's situation, but I do know the situation at Luckyhill. My daughter still brings up the horrid conditions all the time. Parents who are adopting from there also need to know what they might be facing. In the case of my kids, the horrid conditions went hand in hand with terrible neglect and disgusting abuse. I think that's more common than not.

If an orphanage is a hole, then they should be publicly outed for it. Otherwise, it won't ever stop. If parents in the U.S. know not to give their money, then eventually the resources dry up. I know this seems like it's punishing the kids, but if you're really invested in helping the ones left behind, there is always sponsorship. There are other ways to help than pouring our hard earned money into these types of places.

Once bitten, twice shy.