Saturday, April 02, 2011

Double Family?

My daughter Taevy met a very nice new friend at homeschool choir. Her friend is 10, in 4th grade, just like Taevy. Her friend (according to her mom) is sort of low on friends and was really hoping to make some new friends at homeschool choir; just like Taevy. Seems like Taevy makes friends where either she or the friend is more enthusiastic about the friendship. In this case, both girls seem equally enthusiastic. It's a huge plus that this little friend seems like a great person and a good influence on Taevy. Today I learned some things about little friend's family. This family has four children, just like us. This family homeschools, just like us. This family goes to church ON SATURDAY NIGHT, just like us. The mom and daughter in this family like to crochet, just like Taevy and I. This family has a grandma, whose last name starts with "b", who lives in Wichita. Just. Like. Us. This family goes to church on Saturday, just like us. In this family the mom is the only driver. One driver family, just like us. In this family, the dad is legally blind. JUST LIKE US! I dropped Taevy off at this little girls' b-day party today and when I came home I told Eric all of these things. Eric then said, "Do we have any of the same interests?" Seriously?! Umm....yeah. I think, maybe. I told Taevy she did a good job finding her parents possible future friends. Ha!