Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ghana Children's Fund

[Last post for today, I promise.]

I've been meaning to write for a while about Lisa Tuttle, and the work she is doing in Ghana, mostly in one very in-need orphanage. I came to "know" Lisa through one of those weird "small world" scenarios all too common in the Ghana adoption/humanitarian aid community.

You can check out Ghana Children's Fund website by going to

You can read Lisa's *VERY* thought-provoking blog HERE.

Sometimes it's not about having a big and spread out organization doing many things in many places. Sometimes it's about one determined individual (and a few faithful friends) who are committed to making a difference for one group of children. I can really tell Lisa is that individual for Good Shepherd Orphanage. Her organization is making a meaningful difference for the children there.

Is it perfect? No. Close to it? No. But now the girls can go to school all month long! Now, there are a small trickle of volunteers to help with much needed supervision. Now, there is someone helping to cover the cost of education for those in the surrounding village who cannot afford school fees.

I have met lots of people who feel very passionately about a certain orphanage or group of kids. But I don't think I've ever known anybody who has the depth of love Lisa has for these kids. She truly feels like a mother to them all. Imagine if you had 60 kids, all of whom have needs that burden you with concern each and every day. She loves these kids like her own, but cannot support them without the help of others.

As you spread out your "love" dollars, add GCF to the list of many great organizations assisting orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana.