Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Prayers for Baby Boy Please

Hi all,

I would appreciate prayers for Bright, if you can spare them. =-) Yesterday he had a well child visit and during the routine exam our doctor felt something very hard in his abdomen. She asked me if he had eaten anything weird lately. Oh yeah--there was that marble a few weeks ago! Oops! I just figured it would make it's way down and out. With a look of relief the doc smiled and sent us down to x-ray to see if it was the marble.

When we returned to the office for results of the x-ray the doc was able to confirm that Bright swallowed a marble. TWO, in fact! But they were at the very end of his intestines, about to make their journey back out into the world. They were not the mass. =-(

Our doctor had me feel it. There is definitely something there--on his left middle. It is very hard. Our doctor said that it doesn't feel like anything actually in his intestines, but rather like a mass that is within his abdominal cavity. Ugh.

We go next Tuesday for an ultrasound. Our doctor feels like it is some sort of body mass. A cyst? A tumor? We don't know.

She seemed somewhat concerned, but for whatever reason I feel very much at peace. I mean really, does EVERY person in our family need to have a special medical need? We've already had our kid with the "rare and unexpected disease." Thank you for giving us that learning experience Lord, but unless you REALLY feel it's necessary, we'd just assume Bright stay healthy. =-)

Please pray that this is nothing and that the ultrasound shows nothing whatsoever serious.




"M" and "C" 9:03 PM  

I'm sorry Anita! I will pray for sure!

Amy 9:06 PM  

Love ya sis and will be praying!!! I am sure it will be something simply remedied. I just feel it. We'll pray for Bright every day until you tell us "He's good," which I believe you will do after that appointment!!! Hugs and continued peace...

Amy Fabu Ferrell

The Last Crusade 9:07 PM  

Our family will be praying for your little dude! Hope everything turns out fine.

abby 9:08 PM  

Anita -

Hugs to Bright and the rest of your family. Praying for whatever it is to just go away. (And praying those marbles make their way out...)

Keep us updated.

Renee 9:14 PM  



Bingaling 10:00 PM  

Hugs to you and Bright!! Praying it all turns out just fine!

Nik 8:20 AM  

Many prayers for Bright and the entire family.

Anonymous 8:36 AM  

Love and prayers coming your way.

Andrea 6:31 PM  


Heather 9:08 AM  

Sorry I read this late. Prayers for poor Bright!

All My Beans 6:47 AM  

deeply praying....