Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out

It has been a rotten past few days. Ever have those days when it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you just need to stop carrying the burden for a while. Yeah...that was the first two days of this week. I don't know why. I mean, there was/is some really crappy stuff going on in the lives of some of my friends, but usually that doesn't make me want to run away from my own life.

Thankfully, April 13th has been a better day. No reason. The sun was shiny and beautiful, just like it has been the past few days. My children are the loves of my life, just like always. The things that have made me feel so down, are still present in my life. But, today was better. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord.

Bright's ultrasound went very well on Tuesday. I'm pretty sure the technician didn't see anything, which would be yet another time that the Lord has blessed us with miraculous healing in our family. I'm looking forward to the phone call from our pediatrician that tells us "There was nothing there!" Because, there was definitely something there about 10 days ago. We both felt it. God is good.

I'm feeling all accomplished because we have planted a few little plans in the front yard, have pulled the weeds, and have added a new layer of mulch. Ahhh.... I really need to enjoy this the two weeks this look lasts! By mid-summer all of the little flowers will have burnt up and the mulch will have washed away.


Anybody know what these spiky flowers are called?

We got all fancy and went with circles. The mum is queen!

This is what I am most excited about. Yep--the little stick with one lonely forsythia bloom. I LOVE forsythia. They remind me of when Taevy and Samren came home, since the forsythia was blooming on both of their homecoming days. I've wanted one for years. I bought 3 little future bushes at Aldi today.


Heather 8:24 PM  

Your plant is Celosia and the garden area looks great! I'm such a plant nerd, but it makes me SO happy to see something green in your yard!

A. Gillispie 8:28 PM  

LOL! It shows how well you know me for you to say that my friend! Who cares that you've never been to my house. YOU KNOW! Yeah....they had 2-person gliders at Aldi for like $50 bucks (great deal!) so Eric and I got one tonight. It's going in the front yard no matter how trashy that will look. The front yard looks green with little pops of color from this one flower/plant bed. We can just pretend that the backyard doesn't exist if we sit out and glide in our front yard!