Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hair Evolution: Stacked Up Pigtails

Today we were getting ready for homeschool choir and I asked Kendi how she wanted her hair done. "Kai Lan hair Mommy! Kai Lan hair!" In Kendi's world this means pony tails. =-) Some day she will have enough hair to do a single or double puff, but we aren't there yet. It is HUGE progress that she only needs 8 puffs! Yea! Only 8 puffs!
For her "bangs" I flat twisted the front section and added dangly barrettes.
After I was done, Kendi was very excited to see her ponytails. When she looked into the mirror she promptly started letting go of crocodile tears. "This is NOT Kai Lan hair! Mommy, it's not long enough. I want LONG ponytails!" Poor baby. She gets so tired of being the short-haired girl. She doesn't see how far she's come; she only sees how far she has yet to go (in her mind)!

I, on the other hand, am so encouraged by the recent hair growth! She's definitely had a spurt since I wondered openly on the blog if we should get her a wig (LOL)! Her hair is long enough now that an experienced hand could definitely get some thin cornrows out of the length. And it's got to be 10 times thicker (literally) than it was 1.5 years ago when she came home. Grow hair, grow!


Mama D.'s Dozen 9:10 PM  

Yea! It has definitely grown.

Looks good!

:) :) :)

Cora 9:53 PM  

Wow! it has grown a lot! She is so beautiful no matter how long her hair is but I know all little girls just want long locks and she is no exception.

Cindy 3:27 PM  

Oh Wow! Look ay her rocking hair! I love it!