Monday, April 18, 2011

Bright Spot (pun intended)

It's been a pretty stinky day here--starting at 5am with diabetic convulsions. More on that later.

The bright spot is that Bright's doctor called and his ultrasound came back normal! No mass! No cyst! No tumor! And I'm telling you, I felt it with my own hands. We did an x-ray to confirm it wasn't a foreign body (like a marble), and the doctor could feel that his intestines weren't overly full. We (obviously) prayed over Bright that night. The next day, we couldn't find it anymore, and I had a very peaceful feeling about the ultrasound.

Our God, is an awesome God. We have received many true miraculous healings in our family (everything from warts to deadly GI disease)--none of them which we deserved. His Mercy is fresh and new daily.




Mama D.'s Dozen 1:23 PM  

Praising Jesus with you!!!

Our family has also had multiple medical miracles. Our God is a miracle-working God.

Now ... to pray for those diabetic convulsions. I'm sure that is scary.

Hoping your week is BLESSED!

Laurel :)

The Last Crusade 2:51 PM  

Wow! That is amazing! So happy for you guys!!

Jenni 3:26 PM  

Praise God for healing your son!!

Amy 7:09 PM  

GREAT news!!! I am so happy to hear that!!! Love ya!


His Hands His Feet Today 7:39 AM  

I love it when He does those things :) Praising Jesus!

Renee 11:02 AM  

Praise the Lord!!!!

Ericka 2:55 PM  

What a miracle in this season!